Why Online Mixing?

So why might you use us for this?

What we’re finding more and more, is that acts are taking the reigns and self releasing, either as a way to draw the attention of labels or to maintain independence from record company involvement. One of the upsides of the transformation that information technology and the attendant format changes have brought to our industry is the ability to record, digitally distribute and market without the patronage of a label. Yes, we’ve all felt the decline of physical sales but the world and it’s potential audience has become accessible in a way that we couldn’t have hoped for in our wildest dreams just a few years ago.¬†With social media, digital distributors, online press and formats like YouTube it is possible to raise a profile and connect with an audience no matter what genre your project inhabits, putting you in a position to either maintain a niche or present a label with a firm footing on which they can build a marketing strategy.

So, you’ve decided to set out on this path.

A simplistic but all too frequent scenario is as follows;

  • Band set about the task of working up a budget to self release. Working to a limited financial resource inevitably means corners have to be cut. This may mean a recording without the involvement of a producer, perhaps with the band overseeing the session with the help of an in house engineer who may or may not be sympathetic to what the band are trying to achieve sonically.
  • Having recorded as best a performance as possible with time (or lack of) inevitably being a constant distraction, the house engineer is left to mix the track in the final half hour of the session while kit is being loaded out of the studio.
  • Or, perhaps the band themselves take on the task of mixing the track or tracks after the session has captured the required recordings. It’s a big ask. Even with the finest intentions and some experience it’s unlikely that a laptop running a modest set up will do the project justice, this is a crucial element of achieving the desired final result – making your record.


Our online mixing service is designed to provide the facility to make your recording sound like the record you set out to make.

We use references from you and (if needed) one revision of our mix to ensure that what you end up with is exactly what you want. With data being transferred securely on line and geography and logistics eliminated, our top line equipment, experience and understanding of how mixes are put together will deliver you a professional and sympathetic mix at an affordable price, efficiently and conveniently.

You’ve taken control, it’s a brave decision.

We take great delight in bringing your mix together to complete your vision.

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