Wojtek GodziszName; Wojtek Godzisz
Shoe size; 10
Biog and credits; Writer and performer with Symposium and solo output

Following a childhood steeped in classically trained piano and violin but equally guided by an obsession with Madonna and Prince, the young Wojtek found solace, at the eventual grand old age of 12, in Rock.

Combining his pop sensibility with an appreciation of Guns n Roses, Hendrix and Iron Maiden, Wojtek formed indie darlings Symposium, quickly becoming the target of an intense record label bidding war with eventual signing to Infectious Records. What followed was a rush through any teenage artist’s wish list of achievements that, by the age of 19, saw a string of top 40 hits, appearances on Top Of The Pops, NME and Melody Maker front covers and a slot at Wembley Arena supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers. This period also provided Wojtek with an opportunity to work with and observe a succession of esteemed producers as they wrestled to capture the precocious young band on record. As an artist, it can be a painful and frustrating episode suffering an unsympathetic production just as it can be an informative and rewarding process working with a producer who gets it right. Wojtek took from both.

A sad consequence of a band growing up together is the possibility of growing apart and thus it was for Symposium. Wojtek gathered his collected skills and influences and has followed a solo path using his multi instrumentalist ability to release the self produced “Burning Ideals” EP then working with our very own Junk Scientist on the astonishing album of rock/pop/folk/prog/classical loveliness that is the eponymously titled “Wojtek Godzisz”.

Having experienced the depth of musicality, the ever enquiring mind and downright affability of working with Wojtek, Junk suggested the role of producer would sit well alongside the continuation of his output as writer/performer and so it is, we’re happy to have Wojtek aboard as a welcome addition to the Irresponsible Roster.

Is there an aspect of producing a record that you enjoy more than anything else?
Meeting a new artist and discovering their specific talents and range of interests and inspirations is continually fascinating to me. To share new insights and bring unexpected qualities to a recording which an artist may not have hitherto anticipated is certainly a thrill. Sharing enthusiasm and joy for the finished product never gets boring.

Do you have a preferred studio and if so what makes it special for you?
I’m looking forward to discovering new studios and places. One of my favourite studios to record in in the past has been Rockfield, because of its rural location, historic pedigree and welcoming atmosphere. At the moment, recording drums and piano on the bare floorboards of my kitchen is always enjoyable and highly rewarding.

One for the geeks, Is there a piece of equipment or perhaps an instrument that you couldn’t do without?
In no way can I claim to be an equipment geek, unfortunately. I am a supreme, unashamed traditionalist in that I personally could never do without an acoustic guitar and piano.

What, for you, is the vital ingredient that makes a record special?
There is no accounting for luck, kismet or happenstance. Perhaps it is a record producer’s prime job to merely facilitate this as best as possible. Apart from that, I might have to say ‘real’ performances. What works for one artist may not work for another. Different approaches will yield appropriate results for each unique artist and situation.

If you had to have a lyrical line from a song tattooed on your neck, what would it be?
‘Now we rise and we are everywhere.’ – from “From The Morning” by Nick Drake