Junk ScientistName; Russ Junk Scientist
Shoe size; 8 and a half

Junk Scientist – There is an eclectic mix to the Junk Scientist body of work, perhaps something to do with the eclectic nature of his genes – born in Los Angeles to English and German parenthood, they say the mongrel is the wiliest of all breeds.

Having produced for The Rakes, Larrikin Love and Pull Tiger Tail, amongst many other guitar slingers, it could lead you to assume that Junk Scientist inhabits a world quite clearly labelled “indie rock”. But look again at the credits and you’ll see work with Tim Simenon’s Bomb The Bass, a record made with nothing other than Moog and voice, alongside records like our very own Martin Rossiter’s that involves nothing but voice, piano and inspired song writing. So, not afraid of space, his recent work with Sweet Sweet Lies and Billy Vincent sees emerging artists with a shared love of an adventurous use of instrumentation: Theremin, Sousaphone and Churchbells jostle for attention where economy of sound isn’t so appropriate. In fact if it’s sonic girth you’re after, check out the Antlered Man album: it’s an aural behemoth.

So, a depth of flavours and genres but with a consistency of quality that brings acts back for more – the only constant factor is an ability to deliver a record of quality. 15 years working with the best facilities worldwide, yet equally happy to challenge what can be achieved with a modest budget. If a job is worth doing well………..it will be.

There are six tracks on this page to give a flavour of what Junk Scientist does: we’ve asked him to select on the premise that it showcases just that, rather than trying to impress with……….well Junk has shared a mudbath with Bjork and a football pitch with Damon Albarn…..I guess we know what matters most huh?

Is there an aspect of producing a record that you enjoy more than anything else?
I actually enjoy the whole process, from pre- production to final mix – it’s a journey after all, but arriving at the final destination and sharing in an artist’s sense of achievement is best for me.

Do you have a preferred studio and if so what makes it special for you?
I have some favourites. Some, like Abbey Road, just for the sense of history and some I’m afraid that aren’t there anymore. If I get it right for a project though then wherever we are should feel like a special place, no?

One for the geeks, Is there a piece of equipment or perhaps an instrument that you couldn’t do without?
Coles 4040, UAD 6176, Chandler TG1, seldom record without a dose of Neve………and Hobnobs.

What, for you, is the vital ingredient that makes a record special?
Special people involved in the making of it and hopefully my contribution, in some way, helping them reach their very best.

If you had to have a lyrical line from a song tattooed on your neck, what would it be?
“Uuhhnnnnnn, Uh, Uh, Uuhhnnnnnn, Uh, Uh” – Happy Mondays, Wrote For Luck.