Bill BarrattName; Billy Barratt
Shoe size; 8

Chris “Billy” Barratt is still writing, recording and performing with the very splendid Billy Vincent whose album “She” he co-produced with our very own Junk Scientist. In fact Bill and Junk go back a bit with Bill fronting Crash Convention who Carl Barratt (no relation) gave single of the year at the NME with “Perfect Constable” which was produced by Junk Scientist.

So, these two have “previous form” and it has been through working together that Junk noticed the seeds of a potential producer. “he’s got good ears…….and a big hooter” said Junk as we sat in the office discussing who we could add to the roster as young blood still out there doing it with his recording peers………so to speak.

Bill has been taking all opportunities to work with his contemporaries in a production capacity whenever possible and has developed both the technical chops and an empathy with what the artist is trying to convey that go beyond his experience as his work with rock behemoths Antlered Man would attest.

Recording in environments that range from deserted warehouse to the esteemed Konk Studios in north London, Bill always gets the best out of a session……which is why we’re making sure his talents are no longer secured for the usual pint of lager, though as Bill is apt to suggest, lets negotiate…….same again then Bill?

Is there an aspect of producing a record that you enjoy more than anything else?
I would like to say that it’s the whole process, but that would be a lie. It’s the getting paid part. I haven’t been paid for making a record yet, so I’m assuming that’s probably why it seems like it would be most enjoyable.

Do you have a preferred studio and if so what makes it special for you?
My bedroom. Amazing acoustics in a 3m x 4m room.

One for the geeks, Is there a piece of equipment or perhaps an instrument that you couldn’t do without?
Me lugs.

What, for you, is the vital ingredient that makes a record special?
It may sound cliche, but mistakes always glisten for me. The breaking of a voice, the ripping of the producer’s pants, a blow-off too close to a ribbon mic etc.

If you had to have a lyrical line from a song tattooed on your neck, what would it be?
“Let me fall out of the window with confetti in my hair”
Tom Waits – Tango ‘Till They’re Sore.