Online Mixing;

Online MixingOur highly skilled and experienced team are continually being asked to mix tracks, either by producers looking for a fresh pair of ears or perhaps self financed projects needing a degree of expertise to make the most of recorded material before self release.

The mix can be a make or break aspect of a recording and to overlook its importance will often let down and negate any hard work put in to a project. So, our online mixing service is designed to bring you the expert ears and topline equipment at our disposal to do your recording justice at a price that is affordable and a timeline that won’t hold up the release. You upload your tracks with a few references and pointers, we apply our mixing wizardry, you download a stereo master – we include a mix revision within the price to ensure we use your feedback to get the details of your mix just right.

We set a basic price of £220 for a mix and a delivery time of 7-10 days. If there are more than 48 tracks or there are tuning issues that need to be addressed there will be an increase in price commensurate with the time required but we will, of course, advise you on this.

So what’s the procedure? – Sound EngineersUpload your individual audio tracks, monitor mix and any pertinent reference material to us. Fill in the mix request form provided. Make payment to our lovely accounts person. Download mix within 7 days (we’ll notify you as soon as it’s done.) Have a good listen, prepare feedback and submit (if necessary, our lot often nail it in one). Download completed mix in the format required, with instrumental mix in addition to main mix. It is possible to have sub mix groups for re-mixers on request.

What do I need to provide? – Please ensure that all multitracks are ready for mixing and that any tuning or timing issues have been dealt with at your end. If it becomes evident that there are problems to deal with we’ll advise you on time and cost for us to do it.

We’ll need multi tracks as either mono or stereo audio stems consolidated or bounced from bar 1 beat 1 or start time code. Please ensure they’re clearly named without audio clipping (stereo tracks will be counted as 2 tracks of audio.)

  • We accept WAV or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz; 16 or 24 bit. We cannot accept DAW sessions (i.e Logic, Cubase etc).
  • There is a 48 multi-track limit. A track cannot share different sounds, for example a backing vocal track with a guitar solo in the middle. If you need to bounce files to save on tracks, we suggest backing vocals and harmonies as a good place to start. Please ensure any bounces of this nature are in tune, in time and panned to your satisfaction before you bounce.Please supply multi tracks without reverb or effects. However, if you feel a specific effect, processing, or creative element (such as filter sweeps, delays etc) is an integral part of the sound, please provide the processed version plus a ‘dry safety’ version. This won’t add to your overall track count, just label both versions clearly and mention this in the information you provide. You can add the ‘dry safety’ versions to the reference files folder on the set up job page.
  • Print any midi/virtual instruments – we can only accept audio files.
  • Make sure you allow plenty of headroom when printing your multi-tracks to avoid clipping or distortion. These artefacts cannot be removed in the mix process.


In addition to as much written information as possible, you’re welcome to provide a rough mix and commercially released reference song. A commercial song is only a guide and results are completely dependent on the quality and style of the multi-track provided. You can add these files to the reference tracks folder on the set up job page.
The mix request form, we hope, is fairly easy to follow. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance.