Online mix, an example

Man Ray Sky and how the Irresponsible online mix service worked for them.

We thought this might work as an example of how our online mix service can help a project. Far from being a hackneyed “before and after” scenario, offering you a flaccid beer belly followed by a six pack, this was an excellent track that has been elevated rather than rescued by the Irresponsible mixing wizards.

Man Ray Sky, a U.K south coast 5 piece where described by Brighton’s Source magazine as;

“bits of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth vie with modernist Radiohead-tinged arrangements…wraps you up in a lovely blanket of guitars and whispers in your ear that everything’s going to be alright”

So, having recorded tracks in Norway following an offer of studio time for their upcoming release, Man Ray Sky returned from the fjords with a fist full of self produced and recorded tracks with the intention of mixing under their own steam, a task that the band are more than capable of doing with their collective technical expertise and strong sense of musical direction.

On the advice of their manager, who had worked with Irresponsible on another project, Man Ray Sky took a track that they had a clear idea of how they wanted to sound and cast it at our boys at Irresponsible with a clear and concise remit. “Make it bigger”, they said. “We can do that”, was the reply.


You can find a link here to Man Ray Sky or find them on Beatabet Records


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