Matthew E White

Occasionally we go and see bands for no other reason than the joy of it. Matthew E White @ Audio in Brighton this week was stunning. I’d gone to the show with my friend Garry Mulholland who’s written a lovely and sympathetic review for Uncut Magazine of Matthew’s record, Big Inner that is out on Domino Records now. My “and another thing” moment is inspired by how good the band were. They are American. They are allowed to learn their craft. They are allowed the time to learn their craft without being thrown on the scrap heap for having the temerity of being over the age of 25.

Now, the transience of the British music scene can keep us at the vanguard of “fresh” new acts and that, historically, is to be applauded but please………if I have to suffer another band who turn up at a recording studio with all the industry requirements ie. being able to encourage enough people to “like” them on Facebook whilst being incapable of tuning their fucking guitar, then someone is going to get a punch in the neck.

Garry Mulholland’s review of Matthew E White can be found here;

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