FAQ and perhaps some answers to things you hadn’t considered;


Producers & Engineers;

How much does it cost me? – Our producers work on a “per track” rate which will include the time required to see a recording through from pre prod to finished mixes. This time will vary on the complexity of the project and consequently needs to be added into the equation. Each producer has an expected fee in line with their experience but all of them to a man is willing to trade points for advance if the project excites them. We’re here to look after them as they’re a compulsive lot but we’re more interested in keeping them busy in work they love. Our Engineers work mostly on a daily rate but they too can get excited enough to make that variable.
How do I employ a producer? – If you’re interested in working with one of our producers, contact us. We’ll discuss all aspects of the project with you, look at availability, timeline, cost etc and present the project to the producer you’re interested in. At this stage, if the project is something the producer feels they can contribute to we’ll set up a meeting with all involved and discuss all aspects of what’s needed to deliver a fabulous record. Of course this is also the time to check that the chosen skipper isn’t harbouring any love for an inappropriate football team ……..yes…….it has happened!
Will choosing a particular producer have an influence on geography or studio? – Part of a producer’s job is to select the right facilities, location and environment to suit the project (and its budget.) Many of our roster have their own facilities and where appropriate these may be suggested but each project requires the right elements to be assembled. We have close ties to many studios across the world and our roster are an international bunch who have and do work all over the world.
I have a question but it’s not listed here? – Go to the contact page and drop us an email or give us a call.


Online Mixing;

Please refer to our Online Mixing page.