Not just a digital distributor, our friends at Zimbalam provide all the tools and assistance to get your release up and out. For a better description than we could ever articulate of their huge range of services, we heartily recommend a trip to their site (clicking on the logo will take you there)

Optimum Mastering

Mastering, oooh we’re picky about this and rightly so. As producers, the last thing we want is some cloth-eared fool with a brick wall limiter trashing our carefully crafted mixes. So it’s a trust thing and it gives us great pleasure to recommend Optimum Mastering. Always a great job and head honcho Shawn is a thoroughly nice chap.


Miloko offer an astonishing and ever growing number of recording studios of all shapes and sizes in locations worldwide. Always a pleasure to work with and happily we’re always given a rate that enables us to work with the very best facilities at what can only be described as “mates rates”……good mates to have.